About Crown Jewels Gloriosa lillies

Crown Jewels Gloriosa is the brand name of our gloriosa lillies

Only the finest quality bears this name and is worthy of our customers. It’s your guarantee that you’ve got something that’s completely unique. Quite simply, you’ve got the finest gloriosa lillies the market has to offer.

Crown Jewels Gloriosa lillies are available world-wide

Crown Jewels Gloriosa lily flowers start trading at the flower auctions and go from there to wholesalers across the globe. Wholesalers pass the lillies on to florists in almost all countries world-wide. Crown Jewels produce specially selected, premium quality gloriosa lily species that have a long shelf life.

Crown Jewels Gloriosa lillies are guaranteed fresh

If, for example, a customer in the United States wants to place an order for gloriosa lillies, he will enquire at his local florist’s. The florist contacts the wholesaler who is in turn supplied by us. The order is harvested in the early hours of morning, and delivered to the wholesaler promptly. The flowers are usually sent on their way the same day, directly to the florist who placed the order. By this method our gloriosa lillies are delivered at optimum freshness to a customer who will have long-lasting product enjoyment.

Ordering gloriosa lillies for your retail shop, such as florist and/or garden centre


Crown Jewels Gloriosa lillies are cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner, which means we don’t use crop protection products during cultivation. Crown Jewels Gloriosa strives for an optimal balance between quality and the environment, ensuring reliability and impeccable quality all year round.

Crown Jewels Gloriosa lillies are cultivated in a closed substrate growing system so that no excess water or fertilizers can leak out into the environment. All excess is retained and reused.


By using cultivation methods that involve shade curtains and computerised crop-control, Crown Jewels Gloriosa uses minimal energy to produce an exclusive product of prestigious quality: the Crown Jewels Gloriosa lily.

All waste disposal at our premises follows separate, dedicated waste-removal circuits. Material that can be reused enters a recycling circuit. By adhering to these practises we have been awarded the highest achievable MPS-score, known as the MPS-A qualification.